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The Comedy Cast’s Week | 12-5-17

Woah what a week for The Comedy Cast, loads of interviews for future pods, two mighty podcasts and a couple of videos too.

On Monday I put out a podcast with a rising talent of the New York comedy scene, Chris Barnes. We speak about starting a comedy career at the young age of 17, his role with Stand Up NY, one of New York’s longest running comedy clubs and how surreal it is to share the same stage as so many comedy legends. And he tells me a brilliant story about a sleep-talking Frenchman.

On Wednesday I put out my weekly Trailer Trash video; this week I had a look at the new spooky thriller starring Kirsten Dunst, Woodshock, how many wood, shock and wood, wood shock etc…

Also on Wednesday article number three came out for the mighty people over at Headstuff: I wrote an article called Being a Good Immigrant. Check it out here.

On Thurday, I had to honour of interviewing a really great English comedian, Travis Jay. We spoke about silent Tory supporters, growing up in a house of comedy, and his recent Rocky-like comeback in a charity boxing match earlier this year.

And of course on Friday our weekly roundup of what’s gone viral on the internet; this week Theresa May returns (again), Guy Ritchie tells us about vagina, a man shits himself after seeing a shark and a very, very public breakup