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Comedy Podcast | Weekly Roundup 26-5-17

Another mighty week at Comedy Cast Towers.

On Monday I had the please of hosting an English comedian that I’m a massive fan of, Tiernan Douieb. Tiernan’s been doing stand-up for a few years now and he hosts the brilliant Partly Political Podcast, a weekly podcast where he tries to make some sense of the mental political landscape of the UK.

It’s such a great podcast, you’ll all know by know I’m quite political and I’m with Tiernan when he says that they should all be lambasted and made fun of, because they’re all morons…well, not quite his words, but you get what I mean.

You can listen to the podcast here, or you can watch it on YouTube below:


On Wednesday I put out another episode of Trailer Trash, taking a look at the new Spider-man film:

On Thursday then I got to speak to Irish actor and comedian Tom Moran, he’s just brought out his own web series called Fix Me, check it out and he hosts the mighty podcast, Personality Bingo over on the Headstuff Network.

We had a great chat about comedy and acting and his involvement with the Facts YouTube guys.

Listen here or watch below:


And finally then, my roundup of what’s gone viral on the Internet this week: