Atletico Spudland; A New Adventure

I’ve taken the decision to do a complete overhaul of the podcast. Starting with the name, the new name will be Atletico Spudland and the podcast will mostly focus on investigative journalism, well, my idea of it anyway.

Journalism is a huge passion of mine and with getting into the documentary film making I think the time is right to concentrate on that style of podcast. I’ve had some amazing times running The Comedy Cast and from the bottom of my cold, dead heart I want to thank every guest and every single person who has helped in even the smallest way. I’ve made friends for life from it and it has lead to some amazing opportunities.

I hope stay you around for the new podcast and we can rattle some cages and get to know more about the world together.

You don’t have to do anything, the podcast will still download in the same place and you can listen from this website if you want, the links will remain in the same place, I’ll have a new website (, but everything will just redirect here so you literally have to do nothing except keep listening. Thanks for being a part of The Comedy Cast, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and had a good laugh along with me and I hope you join me on my next venture.



Exclusive Interview with Irish Farmer who ‘wants to kill dogs’

A Sligo farmer made headlines around the world on an incredibly slow news days yesterday. He said he’d shoot any dog that came on his land. Lazy news and website editors thought that this would make some good ‘content’ so endeavored to make some clickbait headlines in an attempt to get traffic to their website rather than concentrate on writing about actual news.

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