You Make Me Feel Like Da…no, no you don’t

Is dancing really an expression? What exactly does it express, other than moving badly to unappealing music? And at what age should you stop dancing, surely we can all agree it’s a young persons thing to do, can’t we? Continue reading You Make Me Feel Like Da…no, no you don’t

Other Parents, Avoid

I seriously don’t want to alienate half of the reading audience here. You’ve got to be careful when writing about parenthood because, y’know, half the audience couldn’t care less; and I understand that. I’ve pretty much no time for other parents. I honest to Jaysus just don’t care about your children, I barely care about you, or even myself. Why would I give a toss about the bawling, moany, snotty-nosed intellectual-void that is your offspring? Continue reading Other Parents, Avoid

Moving to Poland

Moving to Poland

“Who are ya, who are ya, who are ya…..” So roar the Millwall supporters who sing in my head from time to time. Why are they singing this? Well, that’s easy, to write an introductory piece about myself you stand on the precipice of an existential crisis. Who the fuck am I anyway? Can I trick educated readers into thinking I’m interesting? Surely to Jaysus there’s more to me than the 1000 words I’ve written here. I’ll be frank with yous, I’ve been an emotional mess after trying to come up with this…

Continue reading Moving to Poland