Atletico Spudland; A New Adventure

I’ve taken the decision to do a complete overhaul of the podcast. Starting with the name, the new name will be Atletico Spudland and the podcast will mostly focus on investigative journalism, well, my idea of it anyway.

Journalism is a huge passion of mine and with getting into the documentary film making I think the time is right to concentrate on that style of podcast. I’ve had some amazing times running The Comedy Cast and from the bottom of my cold, dead heart I want to thank every guest and every single person who has helped in even the smallest way. I’ve made friends for life from it and it has lead to some amazing opportunities.

I hope stay you around for the new podcast and we can rattle some cages and get to know more about the world together.

You don’t have to do anything, the podcast will still download in the same place and you can listen from this website if you want, the links will remain in the same place, I’ll have a new website (, but everything will just redirect here so you literally have to do nothing except keep listening. Thanks for being a part of The Comedy Cast, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and had a good laugh along with me and I hope you join me on my next venture.



The Comedy Cast, Best of 2018 Podcasts

We’ve put together 3 Best of Episodes to celebrate what a mighty year we’ve had at The Comedy Cast. Continue reading The Comedy Cast, Best of 2018 Podcasts

Comedy Podcast | Weekly Roundup 26-5-17

Another mighty week at Comedy Cast Towers.

On Monday I had the please of hosting an English comedian that I’m a massive fan of, Tiernan Douieb. Tiernan’s been doing stand-up for a few years now and he hosts the brilliant Partly Political Podcast, a weekly podcast where he tries to make some sense of the mental political landscape of the UK.

It’s such a great podcast, you’ll all know by know I’m quite political and I’m with Tiernan when he says that they should all be lambasted and made fun of, because they’re all morons…well, not quite his words, but you get what I mean.

You can listen to the podcast here, or you can watch it on YouTube below:


On Wednesday I put out another episode of Trailer Trash, taking a look at the new Spider-man film:

On Thursday then I got to speak to Irish actor and comedian Tom Moran, he’s just brought out his own web series called Fix Me, check it out and he hosts the mighty podcast, Personality Bingo over on the Headstuff Network.

We had a great chat about comedy and acting and his involvement with the Facts YouTube guys.

Listen here or watch below:


And finally then, my roundup of what’s gone viral on the Internet this week:




The Comedy Cast’s Week | 12-5-17

Woah what a week for The Comedy Cast, loads of interviews for future pods, two mighty podcasts and a couple of videos too.

On Monday I put out a podcast with a rising talent of the New York comedy scene, Chris Barnes. We speak about starting a comedy career at the young age of 17, his role with Stand Up NY, one of New York’s longest running comedy clubs and how surreal it is to share the same stage as so many comedy legends. And he tells me a brilliant story about a sleep-talking Frenchman.

On Wednesday I put out my weekly Trailer Trash video; this week I had a look at the new spooky thriller starring Kirsten Dunst, Woodshock, how many wood, shock and wood, wood shock etc…

Also on Wednesday article number three came out for the mighty people over at Headstuff: I wrote an article called Being a Good Immigrant. Check it out here.

On Thurday, I had to honour of interviewing a really great English comedian, Travis Jay. We spoke about silent Tory supporters, growing up in a house of comedy, and his recent Rocky-like comeback in a charity boxing match earlier this year.

And of course on Friday our weekly roundup of what’s gone viral on the internet; this week Theresa May returns (again), Guy Ritchie tells us about vagina, a man shits himself after seeing a shark and a very, very public breakup


The Comedy Cast’s Trailer Trash | Thor Ragnarok | Comedy Podcast |

Thor Ragnarok
Thor Ragnarok: A Shite Logo

The Comedy Cast bring you Trailer Trash, a fresh look at what’s new in the world of movie, film and TV trailers.

First up with have Thor Ragnorrok, which stay such luminaries of Hollywoodland as: Tom Hiddleston. Bendydick Punchy Face.

Chris Hemsworth is head honcho Thor and the planet’s second most boring actor, Cate Blanchett, plays some role nobody cares about.

Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba make an appearance for the money as per usual, while Mark Ruffalo appears but was paid in bale of Moroccan Hash.
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