Atletico Spudland

Atletico Spudland, Documentaries, St Patrick and a Wedding

Ahoy everybody. Welcome to a new beginning, I’m back with a wee podcast ot introduce my new venture Atletico Spudland; a documentary podcast. As said above today I’m just here to have a short chat about what I’ve been up to of late and what’s coming up on future episodes of Atletico Spudland.

I was away there for a while back home in Ireland for a wedding and while there I filmed tons of material for two sizzles that I want to pitch to television stations and networks.

Of course, Tommie Kelly of Adentures in Woo Woo will be familiar to listeners of the podcast. Tommie’s a good friend of mine and we’ve come up with a concept about the weirdness of Ireland. And the weirdest thing of all is that most of us don’t think what we do is weird. Things like faith healers, our superstitions, our Celtic roots, the amount of ghost stories and haunted places, our fairy forts and holy wells. There’s so much about Ireland that’s bizarre or different or weird, call it whatever you want, but we want to explore these kinds of topics and, more importantly, the people who practice and believe in such things.

I was of course at a wedding and it was mighty craic and before it we heading up a ‘mountain’ to find a statue of St Patrick in a field, which was pretty cool.

I also filmed another project while at home with former Comedy Cast guest, Allie O’Rourke. The idea behind her project is to go to parts of the world where it’s difficult to be a trans or LGBTQ performer and get to know the issues and the people performing. We did a mock version of it in Ireland, but we’re excited to get it out to people and find out what they think.

The first part of the first documentary should be along next week, I’m trying to bring stuff all together for it, get some final interviews and that and hopefully it’ll be ready then.

Talk soon, g’luck.