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Bonus Episode, Resultions, Vegan Rolls and Baby Puke

Hello and welcome to the first 2019 episode of the Comedy Cast comedy podcast. Today we’re all about New Years Resolutions, vegan rolls, the Rubberbandits come in for some slagging and Spud gets puked on.

We kick off the show with Spud telling us about a story involving his 7 month old baby, having to use the bathroom and what came next.

2019 is still pretty young and you have to wonder about how many people have already broken their New Years Resolutions. So we make fun of people who make resolutions and the people who are even worse, the people who sneer at people who make resolutions. Y’know, fair play to all the people who are now trying to lose weight and get into a healthy lifestyle, more power to you, it’s not really for either of us but sure whatever makes you a better person or give you more confidence and make you healthier can only be good. Don’t be a dick and look down on people who are trying to better themselves, so what if it doesn’t last, got nothing to do with you.

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We have a little natter about when men seem to give far less of a jot about what they wear compared to women and Seamus tells us about when he used to wear t-shirts to a casual Friday thing on work that used to get him in trouble. This leads us down the tangent of why Spud thinks Irish women are the cruelest on the planet.

We have a wee chat about the main problem with podcasts; people repeating themselves. How are we battling that? Well hopefully we are and won’t end up saying the same things all the time, all the time the same things, all the same things all the time, all the time, the time, same things, thing. Yea!

New Years Resolutions

Over the last few weeks Netflix released a film starring Sandra Bullock called Bird Box and now people are posting videos all over social media doing challenges while blindfolded. Anyway, you can read about it here. So we have a chat about internet memes like this, internet challenges, or cultural memes or whatever the hell you call it. Sure, y’know, if people are injecting some fun and craic into their lives sure what harm, we could all be doing with a bit more of a laugh every day.

English people have been losing their minds on the internet because a food shop has decided to make more money by making vegan rolls, they’ve not replaced sausage rolls but it’s not stopped the likes of that gobdaw Piers Morgan and the EDL knobjockeys from going apeshit about ‘politicial correctness’ and if this is political correctness then these petty snowflakes really need to go and have a good chat to themselves.

We get down a tangent then about getting blocked on Twitter and we speak about some of the people who we’re blocked by. Spud’s list isn’t glamous, a music photojournalist and the rappers with Spar bags on their heads, while Seamus has such luminaries as Liam Gallagher.

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We get talking then about a couple of stand-up comedy issues. Recently Tiffany Haddish got a bit of bother when she had a particularly bad set in Hawaii and fair play to her she took it on the chin. Kevin Bridges recently too walked off stage after some pretty bad heckling and he came out and apologised for walking off stage rather than taking the moral high ground and putting the heckler in place. It’s a weird one, we get speaking about the current state of comedy on the live circuit as there seems to be quite a number of people who take an approach to doing it that doesn’t really sit right. Anyway, you can read about the Tiffany Haddish gig here

We have a little chat about people getting offended on the behalf of other people. It’s a subject that annoys everyone and there’s very little that seems to be done about it. So we take it on.

Billy Connolly has been the subject of two recent BBC documentaries where he speaks about his upbringing and the early parts of his career as he looks back because he knows his time is coming to an end. Billy’s a massive hero to both of us so we have a chat about him coming to his twilight years.

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