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Today on The Comedy Cast I speak to Irish stand-up comedians Breda Larkin.

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We speak about how and why she got into comedy while chasing a career in drama therapy, moving Virgin Mary statues and we don’t mean her moving one from one place to another, we mean statues of her that moved independently, although she does tell a story about losing her personal Mary statue in Brugge.

Magic mushrooms come up, although I wished I’d asked Breda more about that and at the end we get serious and speak about allegations made in the comedy circuit around her part of Ireland.

Hello and welcome along to The Comedy Cast. We’re on Episode 19 now of Series 3 and we’re hoping you’re liking the episodes as much as we like putting them together.

As you may, or may not have noticed, we’re putting out occasional bonus, or boner, episodes from time to time and you can check out the latest one here where we speak about about doing glue in school, is Karl Pilkington playing the longest game in comedy, should we care that Bert and Ernie are or aren’t gay and what would you do to not join the army?

On today’s episode of your favourite comedy podcast, we have Irish stand-up comedian Breda Larkin on to talk about all things comedy.

Breda Larkin

We kick off the internet with Breda telling me how she got on at the recent Electric Picnic festival, Ireland’s best festival hands down, we speak about how her gig went at the festival and she tells us about some of the comedians she enjoyed watching and running into at the festival.

We speak about how and why Breda got into comedy and we start off with a question I wanted to ask her about an old video on her YouTube channel called Laughter She Wrote, it turns out it was an old college video based on a sketch show Breda and a college mate used to do, so I was interested to know more about it. We speak about why she went to do a drama course, well an improv and script writing course and it turns out she originally did it for a very different reason other than getting into comedy and acting.

We speak about how after starting the course Breda found that she loved being on the stage and being the clown and instead of going down the road she originally wanted to she found that she wanted to get into stand-up comedy.

We have a chat then about an appearance Breda made on RTE, Irish, television. Breda had attended college in Co. Cork not far from a place well-known in Ireland called Ballinspittle. Why is it well known? Well, back in the 1980s it was a place where a statue of the Virgin Mary is said to have moved. Breda’s second solo show was all about this, a hilarious take on the phenomenon of the moving statues. RTE got wind of how good Breda’s show was so they made a wee documentary about it. So we have a chat about how she found the experience of having her show, well, the topic of her show turned into a documentary.

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When doing her tour of Ireland for the show she set herself a little challenge that she would make the beginning of every show in every town different and make it about the locality she was in. It was a great way to keep the show fresh and keep her interested in it too and to stay focused. It’s a great idea and something I wish more stand-ups would do when touring around the place.

We speak then about an important issue. While the #metoo tag was taking off in the USA and people were sharing their stories of sexual assault and abuse similar stories came to the fore in Ireland and in particular in the world of stand-up comedy. I wanted to ask Breda about how the circuit can become a better place for male and female performers. Breda speaks about the flak she got from certain parts of the industry because she gigged at a place where one promoter in particular was allegedly involved in unwanted sexual advances and more. I want to thank Breda for speaking honestly and openly about her thoughts on the subject.

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