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We’re back with a bonus episode of The Comedy Cast, comedy podcast. So then, let’s get topical, Michael Jackson’s career is as dead as…eh Michael Jackson, Stormy Daniels doing stand-up and Paddy’s Day.

Irish Comedy Podcast

We kick off the Comedy Cast, comedy podcast by tackling what the hell Hentai actually is and reveal that Kilkenny lads love watching British dirty videos. This leads us to one of the main topics of today’s podcast then, Michael Jackson.

Look, if you’re a Michael Jackson fan then sorry, we’re not sorry, you’re not going to like this. Jacko was a weird man and a nasty peado. But, the funny thing is, Seamus can do a moonwalk and if we can pressure him enough he’ll put a video on Instagram of him doing it.

We both grew up fans of Michael Jackson, but y’know, he’s not been relevant for twenty years and really if you’re one of those obsessed fans of a popstar who’s not been doing anything relevant for 20+ years then you’ve got to take a long, hard look at yourself. We get talking about the weirdness of obsessed fans and we speak too about what effect banning Wacko Jacko’s will actually have. Will a survivor of child abuse in Dublin not crash on the M50 now because he won’t have to be subjected to Billie Jean on FM104.

Irish Stand-up Comedy

Is it all meaningless though? Really, like does this matter? He’s some dead guy and we don’t know for sure, and never will, if he did it or not. So let’s just make fun of it all and have some craic because that’s really what does matter.

Although, yea, we were fans of him as kids, I had an amazing white scarf from his Bad tour and Seamus was given the Bad vinyl for a birthday. He didn’t had a record player though.

Next up is St Patrick’s Day. What to say, it’s a mad day. We go outside and look at kids being pulled around towns on trailers and tractors and then complain about them, saying ‘wasn’t as good as last year’ even though it was probably better. Pints of Guinness and Irish dancing, that’s pretty much it though isn’t it. Seamus’ grandmother once wasn’t waved to by the wife of a famous bicycle rider.

Sure look, you wouldn’t be Irish if you didn’t like Paddy’s Day so we have a little bit of a chat about it and why it’s good and why it’s nice to get out and support the young people who make the effort for parades all over the country.

Michael Jackson podcast

Stormy Daniels Comedy

So Stormy Daniels is getting into stand-up comedy. Yeah, that’s a bit weird. Now, if you don’t know who she is, she was paid to have sex with Donald Trump a few years ago. She was paid to not talk about it, she talked about it and then lost money because of that. So she put out a book and it didn’t do well and she needs to make money and obviously someone has told her that a stand-up tour will make her some bank. Why though, is she funny? Is she taking away a gig from a proper female comedian.

There’s a bit of commotion about this in the states, it’s tough enough for comedians as it is to get headline slots and even tougher for female comedians, that’s a fact and Daniels just swans in with her claim to fame that she was paid to have sex with an overgrown Oompa Loompa and you can understand why stand-up comedians are getting annoyed over it. Then again, maybe she’ll be hilarious. Probably not, but y’know, maybe she should’ve tried her material at smaller venues and open mics first. Time will tell, but y’know yourself, there’s probably a small army of writer who’ve written her show and it’ll all be learned off to a tee and it might even be funny.

This leads us to talk about prostitution though. Spud goes off on a mad one because he doesn’t want to be a douchebag, but it’s hard not to judge a hooker, isn’t it? Like, if you want to do it do it, but does anyone really want to do it? Actually we speak about this for a bit, the whole moral conundrum of how to feel about prostitutes, some get into it wanting to make money, some do it because they are forced to do it and who the hell are we all anyway to judge people.

Irish Comedy Podcast

Terrorism, we like Martin McGuinness, but we don’t like the lady who went to Syria to help her ISIS husband. Logic is strong with the people of Ireland.

To wrap up the podcast then we speak about some of the comedy coming your way on Netflix this month, including Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr, Arrested Development and Idris Elba…wait, what?

Michael Jackson podcast

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