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Spud Murphy and Seamus Kelly are back with a Comedy Cast Boner Bonus. We cum in a muffin, disarm tourettes, why Dancing with the Stars could kill Irish comedy, why cliques suck and a randy 74 year old.

Like it says in the intro, Spud tells the story of a man with tourettes who wanted to cum in a muffin in a Jewish deli shop, is a deli a shop or just a shop? Is it important that you had to write Jewish, you’re thinking, yea, actually it’s part of the story.

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Seamus was recently across the water in the land of Brexit doing a gig over in Manchester, so we have a chat about that and we get the lowdown on what performing acorss the water is like.

We get talking about disarming conditions too, yes you shouldn’t laugh at people with conditions, but there’s an argument to be made that lauging at the condition disarms it, takes the power away and can be a leveller.

Next up, Spud tells how some idiot on the internet tried to blackmail him thanks to him visiting some sexy websites. The email is hilarious and we rip the poor eejit apart. Sure, we all jack off don’t we? And yea, it would be embarrassing, but ah, sure it’s not like I’ve never been publically shamed before.

Sex tapes, we’ve all made them? Or at least thought about making them. Haven’t we? Surely we all have, or are we the perverted ones?

Next up we speak about why Dancing with the Stars, Ireland edition (is that the correct name) could lead to the end of the current greatness of the Irish comedy scene.  We hope not, we really hope not, but it’s possible, especially if those RTE producers see what we’re seeing they’ll go for a quick grap and take the popular comedians rather than the good ones.

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This leads us onto a a chat about the underside of the current Irish comedy scene though, the cliqueness of certain clubs and certain performers. It’s something that people don’t speak about because, y’know, they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds, but y’know, I’m a journalist looking on from the sidelines and first and foremost I’m a massive comedy fan and it sucks that you have to fit a certain remit to gig in certain places. And y’know thus doesn’t happen in the best clubs, certainly not and most promoters have a simple remit of ‘if you’re good enough, we’ll give you a gig’ however there are a few, especailly in Dublin and Cork, where you need to be part of the clique. And we’re calling bullshit on it. To hell with clique, plough your own furrow and do what’s right for you.

Finally then we finish on something positive, Valentine’s Day is, eh, today so we speak about that and about a 74-year-old Polish sugar daddy who was riding his young lover so hard she fell out of a balcony window.

That’s it, enjoy Valentine’s Day, screw the clique and be well.

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