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Duane Doogan
Duane Doogan

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Duane Doogan.

We kick off the interview and speak about him moving over to London to pursue his comedic career. We talk about the difference in gigging regularly between Ireland and England; when you’re gigging a lot in Britain is there a temptation to change your set much more than when you’re in Ireland because you’re on stage so much? And instead of perfecting a set you can become bored with it and want to constantly put out new material.

We speak about the differences between what’s happening in comedy in Dublin and in London, how both communities are supportive but with the Irish scene being smaller there’s a bit more of a sense of community in it, but while there’s definitely a sense of community in the London scene too it just takes a bit longer to get to know and to see people regularly.

Duane was performing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a show called Are We Allowed In? We recorded this before he headed off for the Fringe so we spoke about the show for a bit and what he expected to get out of his Edinburgh Fringe experience. And we get talking then about an upcoming gig he has during the Camden Fringe as well.

We have a chat then about his day job, he’s a web designer and sorry here folks, but I dabble in graphic design so we got a bit nerdy on this.

We return to the subject of Irish comedians moving to England, specifically London and why it’s such an important move for young comedians to make to further their career in comedy.

The name Duane Doogan will be well-known to anyone and everyone who has performed in Dublin over the last few years, he’s one of the main guys behind Cherry Comedy, a weekly comedy show in one of Ireland’s most famous pubs Whelan’s on Wexford Street. So we get talking about how the comedy club started, why he and his friends started it and how it’s gone on to be such a wild success.

We speak about some of the challenges Duane faced with running the club and how it was sometimes hard to juggle the line between being a comedian and a promoter.

We get talking then about an idea for an app that Duane is thinking of building. Basically something where comedians and promoters can list and promote themselves and fans can engage with comedians too.

We get chatting then about how Duane and a friend wrote a song for a WWE wrestler and how it lead to some hardcore negotiations with the WWE.

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