The Comedy Cast Interview with Irish Stand-up Comedian Anna Clifford

Today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Anna Clifford.

We kick off the interview speaking about Anna’s day job and how being a vegetarian doesn’t exactly help

We recorded this before St Patrick’s Day so we had a chat about the day, what it means for Irish people and what we get up to.

We get onto comedy then and we speak about how and why Anna got into comedy and we talk about Anna studying at The Gaiety School of Acting and how she knew from an early age that she always wanted to entertain, we also speak about a comedy course she took while living in Vancouver, Canada.

We natter then about how since getting into stand-up comedy and performing Anna has taken a real academic approach to it, reading up and studying the craft behind the art. We have a chat about what it’s like to be on stage and I ask Anna if she can put it into words the feeling of knowing an audience is loving your set

I ask Anna then about what she does if it goes wrong on a particular night and what she does to pick herself up. This leads us on to speaking about how she works on her sets, watching back recordings but also how she hates doing it and where she needs to be to do it.

We talk about Anna’s comedic influences growing up and the kinds of TV programmes she was watching

We speak about Anna’s first comedy gig, in a massive theatre in Canada following completion of her comedy course in Vancouver.

We talk then about the stand-up community in Dublin, how it’s such a close-knit community and how easy to ask for help with material and how even people often give advice even when unwanted

Anna’s got a strange hobby; well, I think it’s strange, wearing vintage swimwear, so we had to natter about that. Finally then we talk about sex, because why not.