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The Comedy Cast Interview with Icelandic Stand-up Comedian Bylgja Babylons

Bylgja Babylons
Bylgja Babylons

Hello and welcome back to a new episode of The Comedy Cast; today we’ve got something very special for you, Bylgja Babylons, an absolutely hilarious Icelandic stand-up comedian.

We started off with Bylgja teaching me a few Icelandic swear words. You can never have enough swear words in my experience. We spoke too about how to deal with the Icelandic winters, how the Icelanders are more Irish than Scandinavian thanks to Vikings stealing Irish women.

We spoke about Bylgja’s acting career and how it lead her into stand-up comedy, stand-up comedy in Iceland and how it’s evolved, possibly moving abroad to further her career.

We also talked about her style of comedy, being labelled ‘rude’ and guest-listing haters for her gigs. Vaginas make an appearance too. I grilled Bylgja about her excellent make-up tutorials on YouTube, how she works on her act and doing strange things to find inspiration.

I had great fun during this interview, Bylgja is incredibly funny and was wonderful to talk to. It’s so cool to hear about comedians from non-English speaking countries getting into comedy and being fantastic at it. I dearly hope Bylgja gets the chance to hit some of the comedy festivals over the next few year so that more people get to see her.

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