David Callan

The Comedy Cast Interview with Scottish Stand-up Comedian David Callan

David Callan
David Callan

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Scottish stand-up comedian David Callan.

We kicked off the interview talking about David’s day job and how the service industry isn’t as crushingly horrible as office work, we spoke then about where David was raised, Essex in London and how even though he was born there he always had a Scottish accent.

We talk about David living in Edinburgh now, having moved up there for university and how it has a special place in my heart as you all probably know by know. We have a chat then about his parents still living in England, whether Brexit has changed anything and the delight in seeing England lose to Iceland at last year’s Euros.

We get on to comedy then and speak about how and why David got into comedy; winning a place on a comedy course that led to his first gig. We also speak about comedy competitions, their pros and cons and both why new comedians should and shouldn’t enter them.

We talk about David winning a place on a comedy course and how that led to his first gig. David speaks then about how it’s always better when a comedian is starting out not to bring along a ready-made posse of fans; family, colleagues and that performing in front of people you don’t know will make you a far better comedian.

We have a chat then about David MC-ing and how it’s taught him to be more spontaneous and not to be afraid of the audience.

We return to the subject of the comedy course he took before he started and we speak about some of the tips he learned both about performing and the industry as a whole.

Finally then we speak about David gigging at the ongoing Glasgow Comedy Festival, our shared undying love for the Joe Rogan podcast; Alex Jones being a bit mad and David’s comedic influences.

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