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The Comedy Cast Interview with Welsh Stand-up Comedian Drew Taylor

Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Drew Taylor.

Drew hails from the valleys in south Wales, and while he’s still quite new on the comedy scene there he’s been getting rave reviews and really lighting up comedy gigs since he started plying his trade on the Welsh comedy scene.

We started off by talking about Drew’s duties on his partner’s grandparents farm and how living in the country means doing your duty sometimes, and being from a  rural background myself I know that only too well. Then we spoke a little about being from the Welsh valleys and got a wee geography lesson.

We speak then about Drew’s career as a teacher for kids with learning difficulties and how teaching is a great job to prepare you for stand-up comedy.

We talk about how and why Drew got into comedy, and in particular we speak about Drew’s specific style of observational humour. How he likes to take a different view than most people and where that comes from.

We also chat about why Drew does some Mc-ing from time to time and how it comes in really handy when running his own shows and how he helps him to improve his jokes.

We spoke about the local scene in Wales, how to get booked and the amount of talent on the current circuit there too.

We have a chat about Drew dying on his arse the first time and how in particular it effected his girlfriend.

Finally then, we spoke about how Drew works on improving his jokes and we delve into Drew’s approach to writing material.

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