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The Comedy Cast Interview with Erich McElroy

Erich McElroy
Erich McElroy

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’re going to be hearing from Erich McElroy, an American stand-up comedian who is making a name for himself in the UK.

Erich McElroy dabbled in stand-up and sketch comedy before moving to the UK 16 years ago and when he arrived fancied his chances on the up-swinging UK stand-up comedy scene. Fast forward a few years and Erich is a much in-demand political satirist, his special subject is or course American politics but he’s not afraid of confrontation; he was the only comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 who opposed Scottish Independence (a brave man in my honest opinion).

We had a great chat about the state of American politics, of course Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made an appearance too and then we had a natter about comedy; why he got into it; his influence and heroes and of course at the end our True False Challenge.

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