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The Comedy Cast Interview with Gary Faulds

Gary FauldsHello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today we’ll be hearing from a new, up-and-coming Scottish stand-up comedian, Gary Faulds.

Gary’s passion for comedy is nothing but infectious, after the interview I felt like I could take on the world while giving it a big hug at the same time. I don’t know if it’s because he’s new to comedy and still all starry-eyed with wonder and confidence but I loved chatting to him. I don’t for a second really think that though, he’s just a mega fellow, very funny and a really sound man.

We had a chat about his life before comedy, his time in the British Army and returning to Glasgow to man the family business.

We then speak about his interesting family history, which has seen him plastered across Scottish tabloids. He speaks frankly about it, his father and his stepdad. It just goes to show that we don’t have to follow paths laid out in front of us and we can make our own choices.

Of course we natter about his comedy, his influences growing up and why he got into the dog-eat-dog world of stand-up comedy.

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