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The Comedy Cast Interview with Graeme Watson

Graeme Watson
Graeme Watson

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today we have a very special Comedy Cast interview  with Graeme Watson.

A few weeks ago while researching potential guests I came across a Facebook post about a stand-up comedy course being held in Belfast; and with Belfast being such a hotbed of comedic activity in recent years I had to find out more.

Graeme Watson runs the course and just by sheer luck on my part it turned out that Graeme is one of the guiding hands behind Belfast and Northern Irish comedy, for shame I hadn’t heard of him before, but in my defense, I’m still new at this comedy game.

Graeme performs stand-up still but his main focus is in running comedy clubs and gigs, being one of the organisers of the Belfast Comedy Festival, running an annual stand-up comedy course and generally being an all-round good guy to comedians in Northern Ireland.

We had so many things to talk about as you’ll hear but of course we spoke about what attracted him to stand-up comedy in the first place and the process that led to him taking the bull by the horns and starting his own comedy nights.

We spoke about the annual stand-up comedy course he runs in Belfast and we both gushed over how Belfast seems to be having a Seattle grunge-like explosion in stand-up comedians and comedy writers.

I loved talking to Graeme, I think in the future we can definitely talk again and I was over the moon to hear him talk so passionately about the thriving Belfast comedy scene and just his love for comedy and for helping comedians.

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