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The Comedy Cast Interview with Canadian Author Ira Nayman

Ira Nayman
Ira Nayman

Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Canadian author, Ira Nayman.

We have something very special for you today, an interview with the Canadian sci-fi and comedy author Ira Nayman. When Ira got in touch about an interview I was delighted to finally have a comedy author coming on, little did I realise the body of work Ira’s published over the year and so my delight was increased tenfold when I realised I’d get to grill him about his lengthy career and the many, many books he’s published.

We started off then with how and why he got into writing and his past where he wrote for radio and television, the differences in writing for radio and television compared to prose and book writing. We also spoke about his two main bodies of work “Alternate Reality News Service” where reporters are sent into other dimensions to document what they find; it has been described as ‘a science fiction version of The Onion’. I loved this idea, I’m fascinated by the idea of alternative realities so we had to talk about that.

This idea is also present in Ira’s other main body of work, four works of science fiction based in the multiverse where The Transdimensional Authority and The Time Agency, where the main characters monitor and police travel between universes and between time in the case of The Time Agency.

We spoke about working with publishers and editors and he gave a great answer to my closing question regarding advice for people starting in comedy.

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