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Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast Interview with Scottish Stand-up Comedian Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald
Jamie MacDonald by Mihaela Bodlovic

Today you’ll be hearing from one of Scotland’s most hotly-tipped comedians, Jamie MacDonald. Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast.

Jamie’s a Glasgow man who’s pretty new to comedy, only starting a couple of years ago, something we can thank the global recession for. We have a chat about his former banking career and how he didn’t really like it, actually he didn’t like it at all.

When we spoke Jamie had just come back from a really successful stint at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Comedy Podcast

We also nattered about who his comedic influences were growing up and who they are now as well.

We spoke too about how and why he got into comedy, what it’s like to be labelled a British sex symbol and recent the Scottish Independence referendum and Brexit for a mention too, as did his new puppy who kindly took a dump while we were recording.

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