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The Comedy Cast Interview with Scottish Comedian John Scott

John Scott
John Scott

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast. Today from John Scott and it’s an absolute belter of an interview.

A proud Scot, John’s a massively talented comedian, mixing the big issues of the day with the normal banality of life all the while ensuring that there’s a solid and warm connection with his audience.

The interview was recorded the morning after Donald Trump won the Presidential election in America so, of course, that popped up.

We also spoke about Brexit and the Scottish Independence Referendum and how it’s all just a bit mental.

We chatted about being a Scot living in Northern England and being lectures to about Scottish Independence by the locals.

We nattered about John going back to college to pursue a career in writing. We had a right talk about using comedy as a default defense mechanism and where that comes from and why so many people us it.

We also spoke about his influences growing up, dying on his arse on stage for the first time, his undying punk ethics when it comes to both his profession and his outlook on like and finally we speak about how he works on perfecting his act.

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