Joseph Cullen

The Comedy Cast Interview with English Comedian, Actor & Theatre Artistic Director Joseph Cullen

Joseph Cullen
Joseph Cullen

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from a very talented Englishman, Joseph Cullen.

Joseph is more than multi-talented, he’s a actor, a stand-up comedian and has a pretty cool day job; working with Over The Limit Theatre as Artistic Director. He’s a self-depreciating kind of lad, as you’ll hear, but he’s certainly got his head screwed on properly and greatness beckons I hope.

We started off talking about how with a name like Joe Cullen he could be my next door neighbour back in Wexford and how he was almost Augustus Bojangles.

I ran into Joe on Twitter where he’s been promoting his stand-up show You Having Olaf? But first I wanted to ask him about his 2016 show Gentle Tim, a show about Timothy Threadwell, a name familiar to anyone that has seen Werner Herzog’s documentary Grizzly Man.

We spoke then about You Having Olaf? Joe stand-up show about his time spent working as a children’s entertainer and the long lasting trauma it caused him to this very day.

We have a wee chat too about how children are just pretty terrible overall and not worth the bother, Joe even predicts that his godson will one day grow up to be a serial killer, so you’ve been told.

We changed subject then and spoke about Joe’s job as Artistic Director with Over The Limit Theatre and what that involves, we spoke about the shows they’re putting on at the ongoing Vault 2017 Festival in London; The Witches’ Mark, Siren and The Lock In. We spoke too about the processes involved of going from script approval to production.

Joe’s also an actor and I was dying to ask him about working with the fantastic Les Enfants Terrible on their previous stage hit The Game’s Afoot, an immersive who-done-it, Cluedo type of production.

Finally then we spoke about Joe comedic influences growing up and what advice he’d give to people thinking of getting into comedy.

You Having Olaf? is on the 22nd and 26th of February at the Vault Festival

Joe’s Twitter: here

Over The Limit Theatre’s Twitter: here

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