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Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast Interview with American Stand-up Comedian Karen Rontowski

Karen Rontowski
Karen Rontowski

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; Today you’ll be hearing from an American stand-up comedian, Karen Rontowski.

Comedy Podcast

Had a great laugh with Karen, not only about comedy, but also about what she likes to do in her spare time; reading tarot cards and ghost hunting.

So we had a great chat about reading tarot cards and even said that my kid probably sees ghosts when he stares into space. Karen has ghost hunted all over the world too so we had a wee talk about that.

Of course, we also have a chat about comedy; why and how Karen got into the business. We spoke too her influences and the comedic influences in her house when she was growing up.

I quizzed Karen about the American phenomenon of clean comedy and how American stand-up comedians have to be able to change between both frequently. Finally then, we speak about her appearance on the David Letterman show and our usual True/False Challenge.

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