Laura Byrne

The Comedy Cast Interview with Irish Stand-up Comedian Laura Byrne

Laura Byrne
Laura Byrne

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Laura Byrne.

Laura will be instantly recognisable to anyone that has seen any of the Facts videos. If you’ve not heard of Facts, it’s a massive YouTube channel that makes videos of Irish comedians commenting on things like watching American TV shows, trying Polish desserts and watching Star Wars for the first time.

We start off the interview by speaking about how much Laura’s been gigging all over Ireland lately. We speak too about coming from a place in Dublin with a mad name; Stepaside and it turns out we used to be neighbours, yes, Ireland’s a small place.

We get on to comedy then and spoke about how and why she got into it; starting with her getting involved with the Drama Society while in college and how she used to write plays while studying.

We spoke too about how when she started her comedy career she had to battle with shyness, and how to get past it she almost plays a role while going onstage. We have a natter then about Laura’s love for music and we find something in common that I thought only I suffered from.

Laura tells me then about the responsibility she feels onstage and how brightening up somebody’s day is one of the best feelings to have when coming off stage.

Then we get onto Facts then and we speak about it; how she got involved, its huge success and how it’s great for improvisation skills. We talk then about the bizarreness of being watched by 100,000s of viewers on every video yet still being fairly anonymous in her daily life. We chat then about some of the weird things that have appeared on the internet about her thanks to the videos.

I noticed during the interview that Laura’s pretty harsh on herself so we spoke about that for a bit, she describes herself as an optimistic pessimist, something I can definitely identify with as you’ll hear.

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