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The Comedy Cast with Irish Singer, Comedian and Theatre Director Lauren Hope

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Lauren Hope.

We kicked off the interview speak about where Lauren is from and how her family fled Russia for county Cork

Lauren is also a medium and big into spirituality so we spoke about that, I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason I really enjoy speaking to people about things like this.

We speak about a philosophy that Lauren follows, a Course in Miracles

We speak indepthly about the topic and we get onto the heavy issue of death and how we deal with it as individuals and as a society, and indeed different societies

Lauren moved to Israel as a child so we speak about that, how she never really fit in and how she longed to return to Dublin

We spoke about Lauren audition for the Iasaeli Children’s Choir, and going on to being a soloist for them before it ended thanks to the war.

Lauren has a condition called Complex Needs Disorder, formerly Borderline Personality Disorder, so we spoke about that for a while. She really opened up about the condition and what it entails. We spoke about how she battled with it, it’s signs, it’s symptons, how to deal with it, her treatment with the Theraputic Community

Therapeutic Community, how they help people with mental issue without drugs and the patients run the operation while the staff oversee everything

We spoke about Moving on Theatre, a theatre company Lauren set up and has run since coming out of the Therapeutic Community

We speak about Moving on TV, an online TC channel Lauren has set up for the community.

Lauren Hope’s Twitter: here

Moving on Theatre website: here

Moving on TV website: here

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