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The Comedy Cast Interview with American Stand-up Comedian Liysa Callsen

Liysa Callsen
Liysa Callsen

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from an American stand-up comedian Liysa Callsen.

Liysa and I had a great chat about all things comedy. First we spoke about why she got into comedy and why, in some of her YouTube videos, you’ll hear her saying “Improv saved her life.” So we had a chat about changing direction in life at a time when most people are settled and finding true happiness through comedy.

We talked too about Liysa’s comedy coming from a very personal place, rather than ganging up on easy targets she believes in being truthful with the audience. We spoke about her influences growing up, she talked too about growing up the daughter of deaf parents and marrying a deaf man and all the comedy-gold material that provided her with.

We also spoke about the new trend in the corporate world of using improve comedy for team building and motivational exercises. And finally we spoke about her latest undertaking; Women, Wine & Whiskey.

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