Lucy Roper

The Comedy Cast Interview with English Stand-up Comedian Lucy Roper

Lucy Roper
Lucy Roper

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast: Today you’ll be hearing from English stand-up comedian Lucy Roper.

Lucy came on my radar thanks to the Leicester Comedy that’s running at the moment, we started off the podcast talking about Lucy’s day job, she works in T.V. (wooooo) but she won’t get your script commissioned.

We spoke too about where Lucy’s from, a wee town called Wirksworth, which isn’t pronounced like it’s spelled and that led to us talking about why the English has such a blatant disregard for how to pronounce their letters.

We had a chat about the North/Side divide in England and where the line is between the two regions, is it Birmingham, Leicester, or Watford, we spoke about how it’s different for everyone and about how that divide is also present on the comedy scene.

We got onto comedy then and spoke about Lucy having her first gig at a King Gong, something not for the faint-hearted but she wasn’t gonged straight away and it went fairly well.

We spoke then about why Lucy uses poetry in her set and she discussed how it actually gives her set a firm structure and how if a joke or two isn’t going well she knows that a bit of poetry will get her back on track.

We had a talk then about her 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Show, Three’s a Crowd, Four’s an Audience, a show she shared with fellow stand-up comedian and comedy writer, Charlotte Michael. We spoke about her experiences in Edinburgh and how she’d love to return.

We spoke about Lucy’s new show, Girlfriend Material that she’ll have debuted the weekend before the podcast came out and that she hopes someone will propose marriage at her gig; not to her though.

We speak about Lucy’s love for poetry and we talk about some of the differences between what you learn in England compared to the poetry rammed down your neck in Ireland.

Finally then we talk about the current health of the live stand-up comedy scene in England and the sense of togetherness and commendatory among the comedians on the scene.

Lucy’s Twitter: here

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