Marcus Keeley

The Comedy Cast Interview with Northern Irish Stand-up Comedian Marcus Keeley

Marcus Keeley
Marcus Keeley

Hello, you’re all very welcomed back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Northern Irish stand-up comedian, Marcus Keeley.

Thanks again for joining us here at The Comedy Cast.

Regular listeners will know that I’m a massive fan of what’s going on in Northern Ireland’s comedy scene, indeed the whole culture scene up there. Finally there’s a generation of people taking to the stage in their chosen medium who aren’t burdened with the yoke of ‘The Troubles’ and they’re emerging from and showing the rest of us the new Northern Ireland.

Marcus Keeley is a man that will be more than well-known to comedy nerds in Ireland, not only because of his unique take on comedy, but also for his work putting and promoting gigs.

We start off by talking about coming from Northern Ireland and how he enjoys living under a constant vibe of tension, how ‘it could all kick off at any time’.

We have a chat too about Marcus moving to Norwich for university and nearly being murdered by a British Royal Marine for no other reason that he was from Northern Ireland.

When we got onto comedy I discovered that Marcus’ stage career had actually begun with poetry so we spoke about that for a while, slam poetry gets a special mention.

We had a talk too about Marcus involvement with improv comedy, most recently with Wonderfrog, a really excellent Belfast-based improv group (video below).

We speak too about Marcus’ love for making videos and we speak about some of the ones on his excellent YouTube channel.

Finally then we speak about Voicebox Comedy, a comedy night that Marcus ran for years in Belfast, most recently in LOFT. A disused art gallery that recently was knocked down. Voicebox is on a bit of a break but he tells me he’s hopefully of it coming back in the future.

Marcus’ Twitter: here

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Voicebox Website: here

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