Martin Angolo

The Comedy Cast Interview with Irish Stand-up Comedian Martin Angolo

Martin Angolo
Martin Angolo

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Martin Angolo.

Martin’s a Dublin man, raised in Cabra on the north side of the city. Recently he’s been hitting a lot of peoples’ radars in Ireland thanks to his particular style of comedy. While still certainly new to the scene you can definitely see his progression as a comedian from his material on YouTube.

We kicked off the interview like any two Irishmen, we bitched about the weather, we spoke too about being raised in Cabra in Dublin, a place with a bad reputation, but really that’s all it is.

We spoke about Martin’s surname Angolo, his Namibian roots and his mother’s experiences when moving to Dublin to work as a nurse.

We talked too about how and why Martin got into comedy and how he actually see stand-up comedy as a stepping stone to other things; his desire to be a comedy writer and certainly not an actor, as hereveals why he doesn’t have much time for actors.

We also spoke about about Martin’s experience growing up in Dublin as a black person, I was nervous asking that question I won’t lie. I’ve heard some bad stories from black friends at home.

We talked then about Martin’s comedic influences growing up and how his mother’s taste in comedy was a huge influence on him.

Martin decides to turn the tables on me about halfway through and I get a grilling about the podcast.

We speak too about Martin’s writing process and how he works on his act. And we spoke about how Martin’s act has evolved over the years away from one-liners to being more anecdotal or more ‘truthful’ as he himself says.

We speak about the first time Martin died on his arse and how he picked himself back up from it and finally we talk about the supportive nature of the comedy scene in Dublin.

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