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The Comedy Cast Interview with British Comedian Meryl O’Rourke

Meryl O'Rourke
Meryl O’Rourke

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from British stand-up comedian Meryl O’Rourke.

Meryl has been doing stand-up for about ten years now and has found a loyal following on the scene thanks to her particular style of humour and frank delivery. It would be unfair to call her ‘one of the lads’ but she’d make all your male friends blush with her anecdotes and two seconds later have them howling with laughter.

We spoke about her love of comedy, how it was passed onto her by her mother (bringing her to see Morecambe & Wise at the age of 5) and her love of comedy writing too. Comedy wasn’t the only thing she inherited from her mother; indeed a few years ago she won over many an audience and critic with her successful show “Bad Mother.” A show that dealt hilariously with the anxiety she’d inherited and how she came to terms with it when she started her own family.

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