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The Comedy Cast Interview with Northern Irish Stand-up Comedian Micky Bartlett

Micky Bartlett
Micky Bartlett

Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Comedy Cast; today you’re going to be hearing from Micky Bartlett, one of Northern Ireland’s most hotly-tipped stand-up comedians.

Listeners will certainly have heard his name before on the Graeme Watson episode and you all know by know that I have a major thing for the current Northern Irish comedy scene so I had to get Micky on as a guest.

We had a great laugh together, really did. Micky has to be one of the most relaxed comedians we’re ever had on and it felt far more like a conversation over a pint than an interview. Nonetheless we nattered about how and why he got into comedy, ducking out of comedy for two full years after dying on his arse one night and making videos with, and being the victim of, the very talented Colin Geddis.

We spoke too about Micky’s influences, growing up in Northern Ireland; while some of his friends wanted woolly faces all he wanted to do was play Streets of Rage. We spoke too about STIs and trying to make doctors laugh, his successful stint on the BBC Northern Ireland panel show Monumental and dealing easily with being labelled as Northern Ireland’s next big stand-up comedian.

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Micky, he’s a real what you see is what you get and although this is for a podcast you get what I mean. His stand-up show is nothing short of utterly hilarious and I sincerely thing he’s only a couple of more tours away from greatness.

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