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The Comedy Cast Interview with American Stand-up Comedian and Actor Missy Grynkiewicz

Missy Grynkiewicz
Missy Grynkiewicz

Hello, you’re all very welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from an American stand-up comedian and actor Missy Grynkiewicz.

We started off the interview talking about how she got the name Missy and how her previous career as an acting teacher and director helped her when she stated comedy.

We spoke too about Missy’s style of comedy and why she prefers to keep her comedy personal and relatable. We chatted about being from Maryland, how to pronounce it properly and how the whole state isn’t anything like the Baltimore depicted in The Wire.

We nattered about kids and why it’s so much easier to love them when they’re not actually around you. Then we chatted about Missy receiving a Grammy Nomination for her comedy album “Miss Representation” and the current state of comedy albums.

We spoke about Missy receiving dickpics and how underneath it all it’s actually quite touching and finally we spoke about “Days of Power” a movie starring Missy and Eric Roberts (of The Dark Knights, The Expendables and The Cable Guy fame) due for release in February 2017.

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