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The Comedy Cast Interview with American Stand-up Comedian Neil Snyder

Neil Snyder
Neil Snyder

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Neil Snyder, an American stand-up comedian from Indiana.

Welcome once again, let’s make 2017 even better here at The Comedy Cast, I’ve got loads planned and loads of guest already lined up so I’ll stop rambling and let’s get back to the podcasts.

First off, hat tip to Liysa Callsen, a previous Comedy Cast guest for putting Neil and I in touch. We had a really great chat about comedy, especially the promotions and organisational aspects of putting on shows.

We began the podcast talking about the state of Indiana, I’m always interested to hear about where people are from and knowing nothing about Indiana except for Reggie Miller I had to ask Neil for some info on a state that’s famous for corn, apparently.

We spoke about how Neil got into stand-up comedy and how it wasn’t long before he was running his own comedy nights in his hometown of Crawfordsville and bringing some international stars to it.

We spoke about how Neil reacts to when he has a bad show and how he works on improving his jokes, we also talked too about how he actually doesn’t write down jokes and the reasons why he doesn’t.

Neil also explains to me how he uses the room and how to work a room when he wants to win over a crowd.

We talk too about Neil’s comedic influences growing up. We spoke too about how Neil likes to challenge his audience and bring them towards that thin line between funny and uncomfortable.

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