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The Comedy Cast Interview with Northern Irish Stand-up Paddy McDonnell

Paddy McDonnell
Paddy McDonnell

Hello and welcome once again to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing an from Northern Ireland, Paddy McDonnell.

Paddy’s been on the stand-up scene for a few years now and if you’re familiar with the burgeoning Belfast stand-up comedy scene you’ll certainly know the name, if not the face.

So, of course we had a chat about why Belfast is going through something of a comedy boom at the moment, what is it about the city that has delivered a generation of extremely funny men and women.

Being from Belfast I had to ask what was is like growing up in West Belfast during the 1980s and living on a daily basis with The Troubles. I grew up directly south of Belfast in the 80s and 90s in Wexford, around 300km away, and while it was the same island it was a completely different world back then.

Of course we spoke about his style of comedy; and in particular I was inrerested to know how he works on and perfects his act. We spoke too about his ambitions for the comedy world and what the future hopefully holds.

Finally then, we spoke about how he got the nickname Dagger and to finish off we have our usual True/False Challenge.

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