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Rahul Kohli
Rahul Kohli

Hello and welcomed back to The Comedy Cast; Today you’re going to be hearing from Rahul Kohli, a man who isn’t afraid to go where most comedian are. A comedian who made a big slash at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival.

When we spoke, Rahul had just come back from a very successful stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. So of course we had to have a chat about that.

We also talked about Brext, and not giving a fuck about it and the mood in Britain since the referendum.

Then we spoke about growing up the son of emigrants in Newcastle, why his parents chose Newcastle and how Newcastle holds a special place in his heart.

We had a natter about political correctness and how its real meaning has been lost over the last few year. What I love most about Rahul’s comedy is his fearlessness in tackling ‘difficult’ subjects so we had to tackle that subject too.

We had wee chat about the state of the England football team too and we finished off with our True/False Challenge.

Rahul was fiercely interesting and his stand-up is nothing short of brilliant, I really hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of him on stage and on TV in the future.

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