Sam Lloyd

The Comedy Cast Interview with Welsh Stand-up Comedian Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd
Sam Lloyd

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Welsh stand-up comedian Sam Lloyd.

Before we start the audio on this isn’t the best, so I apologise for that, but it’s only the first time we’ve had such a problem.

We started off the interview speaking about where Sam is from, Newport in Wales, a place famous for having a documentary about bouncers and a new KFC. We spoke about living in and growing in a place with a Bad Reputation.

We had a chat then about Sam’s comedic influences and how they’ve affected his style of comedy, we spoke about Sam mixing styles on stage and how his favourite comedians are Canadians. We delve into that a bit and try and pick at what it is about Canadian comedians that Sam likes and any synergy between Wales & Canada.

We speak about Sam getting into comedy at the ripe old age of 17 and I wanted to know whether he’d been a bit bulled on the scene of if everyone was supportive of him. We spoke about his first gig at an open mic in a hotel along with a friend who also wanted to try it.

We spoke about how Sam’s sets have evolved over the year, going from trying to make audiences laugh to joking about the things that make him laugh. We speak then about comedy competitions, their pros and cons and how they can be useful for new comedians but difficult to take part in at the same time.

Finally then we’d a chat then about Sam loving the challenge of keeping his jokes fresh so that both he and his audience don’t get bored of the same jokes. We talk as well about Sam starting a new comedy night in Cardiff soon with YAY! comedy.

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