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The Comedy Cast Interview with Irish Stand-up Comedian Sean Marshall

Sean Marshall
Sean Marshall

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Sean Marshall.

It being so close to Christmas we had to, at least, appear seasonal and have a natter about it, so we had a chat about Christmas in Dublin and the 12 Pubs of Christmas phenomenon that has swept the country like a wave of beer-vomit over the last few years.

Then we got onto the main act and the reason you’re listening; comedy. We spoke about how and why Sean got into it, seeing comedy as a challenging calling, even though happy in his work Sean decided comedy was something he had to have a go at.

And in a complete act of the bizarre it turns out that Sean and I are not only from the same county in Ireland, we grew up around 10 miles from each other, but don’t worry we don’t spend too long on it.

In his other life Sean is a bit of a science geek, well, not a bit of he’s even got a Masters in it (in Science Communication) and had been hosting his own podcast called Science Chat. So we had a really illuminating talk about Science Communication and its place in the wider world and the uphill battle scientists must fight to keep the general population up to speed and educated.

We spoke about Sean’s influences growing up and of course our traditional closing question on advice for comedians.

Today will be the final podcast of 2016 but I’ll be back early in 2017 with more comedy interviews.

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