Stuart Edwards

The Comedy Cast Interview with English Stand-up Comedian Stuart Edwards

Stuart Edwards
Stuart Edwards

Hello and welcome once again to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from English stand-up comedian Stuart Edwards.

I won’t lie to you all, you’re smart listeners but I had a bit of a man crush on Stuarts sumptuous ginger beard, but Stuart had some bad news for me. We followed that up with a quick chat about a recent role Stuart had played that involved trying to tempt kids with sweet from the back of a van.

Stuart is based in the mighty Northern England stronghold of Newcastle and I’d a few questions about the area that needed answering, pease pudding and people punching police horses.

We got onto comedy then and spoke about how and why Stuart got into comedy and his first gig. Stuart revealed that he’d been gigging the night before and it didn’t exactly go very well so we delved into that topic, I wanted to know how a comedian picks himself up after such a gig and how it affects them and their confidence.

Stuart’s only been at comedy for two and a half years but we had a chat about the highs and lows that he’s already experienced.

Stuart speaks then about his love for East-Coast American comedians and how they’ve had a much larger influence on him that British comedians. We spoke about the prevalence of middle-of-the-road comedy that is a stable of British TV now and how it’s a sad reflection of what’s happening on the live circuit.

We got a bit serious then and spoke about how some comedians can get away with using certain taboo words and how they skirt dangerously with crossing the line of what is and isn’t acceptable. We talk about conspiracy theories and why Stuart doesn’t see a need for covering his laptop camera when he’s doing certain things.

We speak too about The Super Dooper Awesome Foursome and why teaming up with other comedians and touring with them is so beneficial for all parties involved.

Finally then we speak about Stuart’s podcast, Analyze These, how he’s currently preparing for the upcoming Glasgow Comedy Festival and how writing with other comedians can be pretty awkward.

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