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The Comedy Cast Interview with Hollywood Film Producer & Executive Summer Helene

Summer Helene
Summer Helene

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Summer Helene, one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

I won’t lie, this is a bit of a scoop for The Comedy Cast, as you obviously know we concentrate on stand-up comedians and authors so when I was presented with the chance to talk to someone who works, not even works, who organises everything behind the camera I grabbed it.

Summer has had an incredible career and she’s only going to get bigger and bigger in Hollywood, the list of films she’s been involved with is far too big to go into here but she mentions a few in the interview. She also mentions her new role as Studio Head which she’ll be taking on during the year.

We start off the interview talking about growing up in Australia and getting her first gig as a model with Victoria’s Secret, and then moving to America to pursue a career in acting.

We spoke about how she has to shoulder two nicknames; The Duchess of Hollywood and The Wicked Witch of The West Coast and how and why she got them. We spoke about how she handles diva-like characters and directors who ‘get too big for their breeches’.

Summer tells a great story about how Ron Jeremy was the one who convinced her to go from being an actor to working behind the camera.

We also talk about how to pitch a film to get it made, who to speak to and how to get your pitch down. I even try my hand at a pitch and was pleasantly surprised with the reaction I got.

Finally we talk about feminism in the modern age and what’s gone wrong.

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