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The Comedy Cast Interview with Irish Writer, Actor and Comedian Tara Flynn

Tara Flynn
Tara Flynn

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Tara Flynn.

Tara Flynn will be well-known to anyone that has even the slightest interest in the Irish comedy scene and before hanging up her stand-up microphone to concentrate on writing was a regular face on the stand-up scene all over the world.

We started off then talking about where Tara’s from in Ireland and why she has a definite Irish accent but one that’s hard to exactly place.

Tara is well-known in Ireland too for appearing on approximately 20 million radio ads and when you have a voice as pure lovely as her it’s easy to understand why she’s in demand. But I had to ask her if she’d ever thought of getting into radio presenting. Lord knows Irish radio could do with a dose of humour on the airwaves.

That led us on to talking about how to get projects from the pitch and script phase to actually getting it made and she revealed that she’s currently working on a new book and a TV show.

We spoke then about Tara’s previous two books “You’re Grand” and “Giving Out Yards” and about how a satirical look at Irish life has led her into taking a more serious approach to writing and to becoming, accidentally, involved in activism.

Tara then spoke about why she gave up her career in stand-up after 10 years and why she feels that the big issues we’re being faced with deserve more than just a comic response and how they should be tacked head on, protested against and goes into how direct action is needed.

We returned to comedy then and spoke about how and why Tara got into comedy and how she had been an actor before embarking on a successful career in stand-up comedy. She spoke too about her undying love for improv comedy and that she still loves to performs with Dublin Comedy Improv.

We spoke about Tara’s regular articles over on the excellent and they types of issues she writes about weekly.

Finally then we spoke about Tara’s activism regarding the Repeal the 8th movement in Ireland; a movement in Ireland asking for a referendum on abortion rights and about why she’s proud of being a Social Justice Warrior.

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