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The Comedy Cast Interview with Tom Ward

Tom Ward
Tom Ward

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’re going to be hearing from an English stand-up comedian, Tom Ward.

We had a chat about how and why Tom got into the cut-throat world of stand-up comedy. We also spoke about his undying love for music and his previous time playing in bands in England.

We also spoke about how the comed down of having a successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival show can leave you both mentally and physically drained and in need of a bit of a hug.

His beloved Southampton FC also gets a mention in our True/Falso Challenge.

Tom’s still pretty new to the world of comedy but he’s already making waves and has been winning over audiences to his unique style of comedy since he started out. His observational humour is really top class and the way he mixes bizarre observations of the mundanity of modern life really cracks me up, be that his jokes on boiling water, his three favourite types of silence, or his ex-girlfriend’s fringe, his live act is something special and Tom Ward is destined for greatness. Of that I have no doubt.

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