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The Comedy Cast Interview with W.T. Fallon

W.T. Fallon
W.T. Fallon

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American author W.T. Fallon.

W.T. Fallon is the author behind one of 2016’s best works of political satire, Fail to the Chief, a book about a USA Presidential race based on the concept of reality TV.

Under another pseudonym, V.R. Craft, she has also written a science fiction book called Stupid Humans.

We stated off the interview by talking about pseudonyms and why the are an important literary device for authors; the importance of being able to create a new identity while writing in a different genre. We speak to about the importance of using critique groups when writing and taking onboard constructive criticism.

We speak about W.T.’s work of satire Fail to the Chief, inp particular how she enjoying putting her Presidential hopefuls through menial jobs and lie detector tests.

We spoke then about where political satire is these days and its importance, especially now that President Trump has somehow come to power and certainly seems to have it in for the media.

That led us on to the modern phenomenon of fake news and how there’s such a thin line between fake news and satire.

We had a chat then about where W.T. is from, Arkansas and how it’s not pronounced how it’s spelt and why, for some reason, the state drink is cow’s milk.

We chat about W.T.’s literary and comedic influences growing up and how they’ve inspired her to write, that and getting sacked from a retail job which she describes as hellish.

We speak too about W.T.’s other book under the V.R. Craft pseudonym, Stupid Humans a science fiction book about Humans fighting People.

Finally then, we had a natter about W.T.’s love of comedy and how she desires to write jokes for performers and maybe even try stand-up comedy in the future.

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