The Comedy Cast with Matt Nagin

Matt Nagin
Matt Nagin

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian Matt Nagin.

We kick off the interview speaking about Matt’s surname, it’s close to naggin and all Irish people will know what one of them is (it’s a 200ml bottle of spirits if you don’t know) but it’s also close to a poisonous snake in Hindi he tells me.

There’s a documentary on YouTube starring Matt called The Edge of Comedy. It’s about an aspiring comedian starting out and running his own show, the ups and downs that go along with it. We speak about the documentary then and talk about how his opinions on comedy have changed since starting in the business to now.
We get talking then about how Matt had never originally wanted ot get into comedy but it was his love of writing that lead to him getting up on stage at an open mic night in New York.

We get talking about what lies behind the many reasons as to why comedians get up on stage, why comedians feel the need to want to make people laugh.

We get talking then about risque jokes, things like rape and abortion, the Holocaust and we discuss about how even though they are taboo subjects you can still joke about them, but the jokes have to be better than normal otherwise you rish the audience turning against you.

We get chatting then about the recent phenomenon of safe spaces, trigger words and political correctness and social justice warriors and how it’s really a sad state of affairs for both society and comedy.

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