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Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast Interview with President Obonjo, Benjamin Bello

President Obonjo, photo by
President Obonjo, photo by Steve Best

We have a very special episode today the current President of the Lafta Republic; President Obonjo.

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast.

President Obonjo is an outrageously-funny character developed by Benjamin Bello, we had a great laugh together for the interview with some of it being done in character.

We spoke about Benjamin’s comedy career and about how it all came together when he came up with the character of President Obonjo of the Lafka Republic. We also chatted about his influences and why he got into comedy in the first place.

The we spoke too about being an emigrant in the UK and how that has had an effect on both his career and character, what he misses from Nigeria and how he stays in touch with his culture.

We had a wee natter about the President’s plans for world domination and close with the question; what the worst piece of advice he could give new stand-up comedians.

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