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[Rebroadcast] The Comedy Cast’s Top 3 Podcasts of 2016, Number 1: Ryan Cullen


Ryan Cullen
Ryan Cullen

Ryan Cullen

This is a rebroadcast of the Ryan Cullen interview from September 23rd.

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast. Today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian, Ryan Cullen.

Ryan Cullen will be well-known to anyone that has ever seen any of the Facts videos; where Irish people give their reactions to eating or drinking crazy food from around the world, or their reaction to watching something strange from other countries, usually America for some bizarre reason.

Had a great chat with Ryan about the Facts videos, how he got involved and the story behind their success.

We spoke too about his love for comedy and in particular his special type of comedy.  We had a natter about his time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival too and why it’s the best comedy festival in the world.

We also spoke about his comedic influences growing up, what the future holds for Ryan and we finish off with our True/False Challenge.

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