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Today’s guest on The Comedy Cast is Richy Sheehy. We speak about that Liverpool song, why comedy is addictive and if you’ve ever lived with Richy you need to be afraid.

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We kick off the interview by speaking about the incredible success of his song about Liverpool football club, you know the one, the Salah, Mané, Mané one, this one. You’ll know it, Richy speaks about the background of the video, going from why he called the character Kevin Murphy, trying to get the video recorded before a gig in Cork’s Comedy Cavern that night to appearing on tv shows like Soccer AM and attending the Champions League final. We speak as well about some of the fast backlash against the video from local Liverpool fans who didn’t want other fans to sing the song in the stadium because it was written by a Liverpool fan who had made up the song outside the stadium. Football fan logic, it’s not exactly a strong point, especially amongst Liverpool fans and I’m one of them.

With the incredible success of the video and it going so viral so quickly, amassing 4.2 millions views on his YouTube channel and 11 million on another channel as an official single. Anyway, I was curious to get Richy’s opinion on something about the nature of viral videos. 10, 15, 20 years ago if something broke that popular you’d be set for life and you could milk a career out of it, today though thanks to the whole nature of the internet things come and go so quickly, I wanted to know how did he feel about that, how did he stay grounded throughout the whole experience.

Richy reveals that during the whole thing he was diagnosed as having Crohn’s Disease and between that and exhaustion he ended up in hospital for three weeks after the Salah video exploded.

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We change subject then and speak about what got him into stand-up comedy, revealing that one of his first gigs was supporting none other than Mr. Nice, Howard Marks, thanks to him being a drug policy activist in Cork and then coming back to comedy a year or so later because he couldn’t shake the feeling of how good it had been onstage supporting Marks.

We have a bit of a chat then about how to keep enjoying comedy when you’re performing so much and all over the country. Look, Ireland’s not a big country in the grand scheme of things and it’s fairly easy to get from A to B if you’re driving, but it can get awful monotonous if you’re eating in petrol stations and driving on motorways the whole time.

Richy’s from Cork obviously enough, you’ll know that if you’ve seen the Liverpool video, so we speak about what’s so special about Cork at the minute and why the scene is thriving and why so many of Ireland’s hottest comedians seem to be coming from there.

We speak then for a bit about what drives Richy to keep improving and to become the best comedian he can. He says he looks back at stuff he did six months ago and cringes, but hopes in six months it’ll be the same, showing that he’s always wanting to get better and better onstage.

We speak about what’s planned for the future, his upcoming split Edinburgh show this year and the restarting of the Tree Fiddy Comedy Club in Cork.

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