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Today on The Comedy Cast we speak to Tom Mayhew. We speak about the efficiency of doing one-liner comedy, why geography podcasts aren’t a good idea and why he wanted to put the spotlight on working class comedians and artists.

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We kick off the interview and we speak about Tom winning a King Gong event. Now, I’d thought that it was Tom’s first time doing comedy but obviously I was very wrong. We speak about the gig though, it’s terrifying. It’s like an open mic night but if your jokes aren’t landing you quickly get gong’ed off by those in charge. However, if you beat the timer you’re allowed to stay on stage and finish your set. And the audience, well, they’re brutal. Baying for blood and hoping that everyone gets gong’ed off. It’s a pretty interesting idea for a comedy gig so, yeah, we speak about it for a while and about Tom’s experience of doing it.

We get talking then about the whole nature of open mic gigs in the UK. Obviously long-time listeners will know that I cover the Irish comedy circuit more than others and the Irish lads will always say that open mics are good for practice and for stage time but the big drawback is you’re mostly performing to other comics rather than general audiences. I wanted to know was it similar in England.

We go right back to the start then of Tom’s comedy career wanting to find out how and why he got into comedy and what was it about stand-up comedy that both attracted him to it and suited his personality. This leads us down a bit of a tangent about the very nature of podcasts. Tom reveals that what got him into comedy in the first place was watching comedians on YouTube or listening to comedy podcasts so we get talking then about why comedy seems to suit the whole podcast landscape so much.

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Next up we get speaking about why Tom wanted to to do one-liner comedy in particular. For me, I’ve always thought that one-liner comedy is the toughest of the different types of stand-up. I was keen to find out why Tom wanted to challenge himself by getting into this type of comedy. His answer is bloody amazing too. Very efficient.

We get talking then a little about Tom’s writing process and how he likes to sometimes take half ready jokes up onstage, knowing that the punchline will come while up there. That blows my mind. First to do one-liner comedy, the most difficult type and secondly going up and just trying new material and pulling punchlines out of the ether. It’s amazing.

Next we speak about Tom’s podcast, The 18 Percent Podcast where he speaks to artists from a working class background. I wanted to know why he started, what was the motivation behind it, some of the guests he’s had on and why in Britain there’s such an underrepresented amount of working class artists. We get talking then about the current state of the arts in Britain and Tom goes into detail about why they’re so geared towards middle- and upper class people and why the working class are underrepresented.

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