Tommie Kelly

Comedy Cast, Woo Woo Episode with Tommie Kelly

We’ve a special Comedy Cast Woo Woo Episode with Tommie Kelly. We speak about Remote Viewing and our little experiment in it. We also talk about a wee film we’re working on and a teddy bear that’s supposed to attract ghosts.


Tommie’s a good friend of the show, we’ve had him on before. What he does over on is incredibly cool and he’s just a fierce interesting man.

Now, you’ve kind of got to open your mind a bit and be more objective rather than skeptical, but even the name Adventures in Woo Woo means it’s an exploration into what’s possible rather than what is. And anyway, nobody can say with any certainty what is anyway. Expect dogmatic religious people and sure y’know yourself they’re problematic at the best of times.

Anyway, we speak about Remote Viewing, what it is and the little experiment that we both did for his Adventures in Woo Woo show. We also chat about the whole nature of art and being a creator on the internet.

…more to follow

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