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Chris O'Neill
Chris O’Neill

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian and Jesters Comedy Club chief Chris O’Neill.

We kick off the interview speaking about where Chris in from in Ireland, a place called Naas. Although well known in Ireland, Naas’ reputation isn’t widely known, that’s probably a good thing though…

We also talk about his what Chris studied as a student and I finally got to ask something I’ve always wanted to ask a politics student.

We speak about where Political Satire is going wrong in Ireland, and why it’s hard to perform satire aimed at Irish politicians in front of Dublin audiences.
We dig a bit deeper then on the subject and discuss why we don’t see enough comedy on Irish television.

We get onto Jesters Comedy then. Regular listeners will know that the Jesters name pops up a lot when we have guests based in Dublin on the show and it was the reason I wanted to speak to Chris.
We get into comedy promotion here and how he runs the nights and why he decided that instead of just hosting regular open mic and guest nights he wanted to challenge the comedians gigging in Dublin with themed nights and challenges.
We speak about the different themed-nights, Jesters Raw,  Jesters Weird, Jesters Surprise and Jesters Politics, that he runs and why he decided on them.

We speak about the workshop Chris holds every year in October to help new comedians with their gigs at the following year’s Edinburgh Festival, he offers advice on things like who to apply to, organising where to stay, technical aspects of venues and more besides.

And finally then we chat about his role at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he runs two compilation shows and helps to put on over 150 shows every year.

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