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Conor Drum
Conor Drum
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Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Conor Drum.

We kick off speaking about Conor’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe show All My Friends Are Dead, we speak about where the name comes from, don’t fear he’s friends aren’t actually dead, just metaphorically dead.

He tells me about his friends always trying to set him up with the loser girl at weddings and he speaks about how he seems to be not achieving “life goals” at the same rate as his friends.

He talks about the idea of ‘the one’ and how simply ludicrous it is, but if it does exist scientists need to descend on his hometown and study his mates because so many have seemed to found ‘the one’ in their own backyards.

We chat then about why it gets harder and harder to go on the session as you get older and Conor laments for his younger days when hangovers didn’t hurt so much.

I ask Conor about when he meets his married friends now does he get a sense of pity of jealousy from them.

We return to the subject of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival then and I ask Conor about his show a bit more, he had actually done a shorter version of it last year so I wanted to know more about the process of improving on last year’s show.
We talk about some of the highs and lows of performing at the Fringe over the years and what he’s learned during that time from performing there and how those experiences have helped with him putting on his current show All My Friends Are Dead.

It comes up a lot on the podcast that Irish comedians almost have to move to England to make it there first and Conor tells me a story about a time he met Jimmy Carr while working and some advice he gave Conor about getting better gigs in The UK.

Conor Drum will be well-known to Irish listeners, he made headlines in Ireland in 2014, when his show Nutjob about his testicular cancer became widely known, so we speak about that as well.

Conor also does a bit of acting and writing so we got talking about a recent article he wrote for HuffPost about the new drinking session, a Baby Storm, a bit like a Baby Shower, but totally different and actually enjoyable.

We talk then about film, what he loves about it and what he’s like to do in the future but also what he prefers about stand-up comedy when you compare the two disciplines.

We speak then about his writing process and how he likes to expand on ideas and who his comedic influences were growing up.

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